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Social Responsbility


Professionals take our social responsibilities within the community very seriously. We care for our members, our clients and the wider community as they are as much a part of our lives as we are a part of theirs.

In Papua New Guinea we support the Pink Ribbon Day and efforts to combat breast Cancer in PNG. Australian Professionals has committed itself to the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia and the New Zealand Professionals are committed to Child Cancer Foundation in their country. Over the years the different International Groups have raised millions of dollars for these fantastic organisations and will continue our special relationship with them.

Other areas that we are concerned about in Papua New Guinea are:

Transparency – Papua New Guinea is facing unprecedented illegal dealings in real estate and all manner of activities. We support Transparency International and we advocate total transparency in all real estate dealings.

Corruption – endemic in both the private and public sectors is creating the undermining of the financial systems and procedures of both the private and public sectors with theft and “back hand” activities threatening the financial stability of the country.

Battered Women – the practice of men beating their wives and treating them as a possession is a practice that needs to be stamped out in Papua New Guinea. The concept of bride price has been prostituted by men to believe that their wives are possessions. This should not be tolerated.

Industry Improvements – the continued training of Papua New Guineans to be able to provide first world standards of service in the real estate industry will be a significant goal and failure to achieve this goal will not deter us from aspiring to improve our industry. We will maintain ourselves as prominent members of the Real Estate Industry Association and the ethics that are enshrined in their membership criteria.