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About us

HeartBoro Realty Group in Papua New Guinea is a family-based business independently run and operated by two aspring Papua New Guinean entreprenures with over 15 years of experience in the field.
Formed in Papua New Guinea, 2017, HeartBoro Realty has grown to become a fairly recognised real estate organisation in the country with offices in Port Moresby and Lae.

HeartBoro Realty in Papua New Guinea provides a full range of real estate services that are traditionally provided by real-estate agents. These are;
• Property Sales
• Property Management
• Valuations
• Property Rentals
• Property Consultation. Security, Cleaning Services and Maintenance

HeartBoro Realty is a proud foundation members of our Families and aspires to the Code of Ethics of both HeartBoro Realty and the Real Estate Industry.

HEARTBORO: Meaning A TIMELESS NAME NEITHER MODERN NOR TRADITIONAL – Tapping into the universal character of the heart, this name is just straightforwardly like able, whilst all associations with the heart are unambiguously understood, the ‘boro’- a place – adds another dimension in the spirit.
“HeartBoro Realty is a Family Business; We serve GOD First, Family and others.”

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